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Charitable Giving how can we give back to you?

A21 Campaign

November 23, 2013 On November 23,2013 Our charity donation was donated to the A21 Campaign! I’m sure a lot of you have never even heard of this before. The A21 Campaign’s mission is to stop human trafficking all around the world. What most of us do not know is that human trafficking is happening everyday … Continue reading A21 Campaign

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The Walk 153 Story

November 3, 2013 The purpose of Walk 153 is to raise awareness of the orphan crisis in the world today. On November 3, OnTime Electric owners, Kerry and Carol Adkins made a check presentation at the Walk 153 event with a 2,000 donation to help buy the bricks. This will be used to build a … Continue reading The Walk 153 Story

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The King’s Home

November 2, 2013 This combination of the King’s Ranch Campuses and Hannah Homes provide 24 hours a day, seven day s a week care. There are nine residential youth homes and two youth campuses. Hannah Homes has nine residential group homes in three counties serving women and moms with children escaping domestic violence & impoverished … Continue reading The King’s Home

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Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama (ACA)

On October 4, 2013 Ontime Electric donated money to the Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama (ACA). We donated in honor of Dale Evan’s who is the sister of Doug Demdedicis ( both are to the right of the picture.) Doug shot 25 free throws for basketball and every shot he made, money was donated to the … Continue reading Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama (ACA)

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Morgan’s Blood Drive & Ride

August 17, 2013 Everyone meet Morgan Grace. She is the 3 month old daughter of one of our technicians named Tony Fields. Morgan Grace has a very rare condition that causes a child to develop without the lower part of their arms, called TAR Syndrome. This condition affects 1 out of 250,000 people in the … Continue reading Morgan’s Blood Drive & Ride

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