Plumbing problems can often seem overwhelming, but if you do your research and take preventative measures, you can either avoid them or learn how to fix them on your own. Here are 10 of the most common plumbing issues you should look out for.

1. Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is messy business and really frustrating to deal with. Generally, it is caused by material stuck further in the toilet drain. To fix this, you can either use a plunger, or the combination of baking soda and vinegar – following it up with boiling water.

To prevent the toilet from clogging in the future you will need to make sure you don’t put any foreign objects in there. Use this as a rule of thumb: If it’s not toilet paper, it should not be disposed of in the toilet. If you have young children, you can use lockable toilet lids to prevent kids from putting any toys or other objects in the toilet.

2. Slow Drains

Slow drains in your tub or sink can most likely be caused by hair or soap scum clogs. You can either reach in with a gloved hand to pull the clogs out or make a thin drain hook using the wire from a coat hanger and use that to pull out any clogs. To prevent this from happening, consider using drain protectors, also known as “hair catchers.” They resemble strainers and prevent everything other than water from going into your drain.

3. Jammed Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are incredibly useful but if used improperly, they can jam up. Make sure you don’t put materials like potato peels, grease, eggshells and large animal bones down the disposal as it will most likely clog up. If you find that the disposal is jammed, turn it off and ensure no utensils or food scraps are stuck in there. If you find nothing, you’ll have to use the key that comes with the disposal or a ¼ Allen key to crank the motor under the disposal.

4. Showerhead Leak

If you’re dealing with a showerhead leak, it’s most likely because your showerhead has loosened. Tighten it to the stem and use Teflon tape for extra security.

5. Toilet Running

A running toilet is most likely caused by worn-out flapper, which is the seal between the tank and bowl. You can easily find a cheap replacement at your nearest home improvement store and follow this helpful guide to add the new flapper.

6. Low Water Pressure

Water trickling instead of flowing out of your showerhead might indicate a problem with your shower aerator. You can soak the aerator in vinegar to get rid of any gunk. If that does not work, you might be dealing with broken or corroded pipes or a shower in need of a replacement.

7. Old Water Heater

If your water heater is more than 15 years old, you might want to consider replacing it. A worn out water heater can corrode, cause discoloration of water and be unable to heat water properly.

8. Faucet Leak

A faucet leak can be caused by a variety of issues. Generally, the culprit is a worn gasket that needs to be replaced. A faucet leak can lead to an increase in your water bill over time, so be sure to troubleshoot it quickly.

9. Wobbly Toilet

An old toilet might become wobbly over time because the screws at its base will have worn out and loosened. However, if the screws are tight and you’re still dealing with a wobbly toilet, the wax seal around your toilet drain might have failed. This will cause a leak at the base of your toilet and you might have to replace it or fix the seal.

10. Sewer Backup

Sewer backups are every homeowner’s nightmare. Odors, many drain clogs and gurgling toilets are a sign of sewer back up. Call your local plumber immediately as this isn’t something you should handle on your own.

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