With so many strides being made in clean energy, the options for renewable energy HVAC systems are bountiful. Among the many clean energy systems on the market, one of the most celebrated is geothermal heating and cooling. Are you wondering if this is the right upgrade for you? Well, OnTime Service is here to share 10 reasons to use a geothermal cooling system in your home!

Low Operating Costs

First of all, geothermal cooling systems cost very little to operate, immediately offsetting the higher initial costs of purchase and installation. Creating four units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy, this system offers an efficiency rating of 400%. Because geothermal units transfer heat with energy, they draw from the ground rather than burning fuel to create it, they can save you up to 70% on your utility bills.

Long-Term Savings

Despite the upfront purchase and installation cost, a geothermal cooling system can pay for itself in as little as 3 to 5 years. In fact, the long-term savings you’ll have on utility bills can exceed the upfront costs. Furthermore, you can benefit from government tax credits with a geothermal cooling system, adding to the return on your investment.

Cleaner Energy and Higher Efficiency

In addition to saving you money, geothermal cooling systems can reduce your carbon footprint. Eliminating millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year, these systems are much friendlier to the environment than most other systems. Furthermore, for the little electricity a geothermal system does use, up to 6 times more energy is delivered to heat or cool a building. Consequently, geothermal energy efficiency is 70% higher than conventional oil or gas systems, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Can be Installed in New and Old Construction

Another benefit of a geothermal cooling system is its flexibility for installation. Although the installation cost can be higher and the process can be more complex, you can retrofit this system into preexisting construction. Aside from adding additional ductwork if you have a ductless system, the additional construction is minimal for preexisting buildings.

Minimal Maintenance

In addition to its flexible installation, clean energy, and higher efficiency and savings, a geothermal system offers easy maintenance. Typically lasting an average of 25 years, the indoor components are built for durability, and require minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the ground loop can last more than 50 years. With fewer moving parts and protection from the outdoor elements, this system is designed to last a longer time than other conventional systems. As far as routine maintenance goes, you’ll mainly need to make sure to change the filter at twice each year and schedule your usual tune-up visits from your local HVAC technician.

Longer Lifespan

As previously mentioned, the average ground loop of a geothermal system comes with a 50-year warranty – and a 25-year life expectancy for the indoor components. Since the components of geothermal systems aren’t directly outside at the surface level, they aren’t exposed to the usual wear and tear from the elements. Instead, the outdoor components are under the ground, safely away from any weather-related damage. In addition to this system making routine maintenance minimal, you can enjoy improved curb-appeal without the eyesore of a bulky outdoor unit.

Much Quieter Than Other Systems

Another advantage of a geothermal system is the quiet operation. Not only are there no loud outdoor units to worry about, but the indoor fan, compressor, and pump are designed to operate with minimal noise.

Increased Comfort

As another benefit to geothermal cooling systems, the increased comfort you’ll experience will be immediately noticeable. First of all, geothermal heat pumps facilitate ideal humidity levels. Also, these systems don’t recycle air, so your family can breathe cleaner and safer air throughout your home.

Constant Supply of Hot Water

While not directly related to improved energy efficiency and AC, another perk of a geothermal cooling system is a ready supply of hot water. With the ability to produce a constant supply of hot water at a higher efficiency level, this is a game-changing benefit. In fact, all you have to do to enjoy this advantage is install a connection that allows you to store hot water in your home water heater.

Safer to Use

Last but certainly not least is the safer operation of a geothermal cooling system. Not only does the use of natural energy make these systems cleaner to operate but eliminate the burning of fossil fuels. Consequently, you can avoid the risk of combustion and carbon monoxide poisoning, thereby making it safer for your family and the environment.
What Are Your Reasons to Use a Geothermal Cooling System?
Now that you know there are plenty of great reasons to use a geothermal cooling system, you can start considering an upgrade to your system. If you are looking for a professional opinion and reliable installation services, the pros at OnTime Service are ready to jump in! For help with any of your HVAC projects, call us today at 251-272-3595 (Eastern Shore) or 205-942-1405 (Birmingham), or contact us online!

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