If you aren’t an HVAC technician or you don’t spend your time googling air conditioning systems, you might not know that your AC cools your home in cycles. To effectively provide cooling, your AC should cycle 2-3 times an hour, and in milder weather, each cycle should last between 10-15 minutes.

In the summer heat, your AC might have to run at maximum capacity and provide longer cooling cycles. That’s not necessarily a problem.

However, there is a problem if your AC is running at maximum capacity but:

You feel sticky and uncomfortable all the time
Your home temperature never reaches the temperature set on your thermostat
Your electricity bill is going through the roof

To help you understand what the problem with your AC might be, the experts at OnTime Service have a list of reasons why your AC is constantly running!

1. Your AC System Is Too Small for Your Home

If your AC is constantly running to catch up to the set temperature without successfully reaching it, your AC might be too small for your home.

Your AC must be the right size for your home to effectively provide cooling without wasting too much energy. If you’re worried your AC is undersized, you should get in touch with one of our award-winning HVAC technicians who can provide suggestions. For a new AC, consider energy-efficient options by looking for the ENERGY STAR label on air conditioners.

2. Your Home Has Air Leaks

Make sure your windows and doors are sealed shut so indoor air isn’t escaping through the cracks. Don’t underestimate any air leaks as indoor air might be leaking out 24/7, leading to your AC running constantly. To check for an air leak, carefully inspect your home and make a note of any worn-out seals around your doors and windows.

3. The Thermostat Is Set to An Unreasonably Low Temperature

We understand that when it’s 95 degrees outside, you want to bring the thermostat down to an almost freezing temperature. However, keep in mind that with the amount of heat your AC is absorbing from its surroundings, it might end up running constantly to go down to a very low temperature. Set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature, so your AC can efficiently provide cooling without always running. Follow the EPA’s energy-saving guidelines on setting your thermostat.

4. The Evaporator Coil Needs Cleaning

The evaporator coil is a vital component of your AC system because it holds a cooling agent called refrigerant. Both, the evaporator coil and refrigerant contribute to the cooling of your home.  A dirty coil would make it difficult for refrigerant to absorb heat from the air, which would hinder the cooling process. As a result, your AC might have to run overtime.

If you are unable to find a solution to keep your AC from running constantly, get in touch with the team at OnTime Service. We are a group of dedicated professionals, devoted to making sure our customers have their heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical needs met. Call us today at 205-942-1405 or fill out a service request form on our website!