Spring is almost here, which means it’s almost time for your annual spring cleaning efforts! When spring cleaning this year, make sure to pay attention to electrical safety. Here are the top 5 electrical safety tips to add to your spring cleaning checklist.

Inspect Extension Cords

Check all your extension cords to make sure none of them are damaged. If they are, throw them out and invest in new ones. It’s a safety hazard to use cords that are damaged. Not only should you inspect extension cords for damage, but you also should check for the following:

Make sure you’re using extension cords for their intended purposes. If they’re indoor-only, then they should not be used outside.
Never run them under carpets or rugs, as this could be a safety hazard.
Use them only temporarily. Extension cords aren’t designed for long-term use.

Check The Wattage

Your light bulbs should be of the correct wattage. If you notice your light bulbs are flickering, burning out, or dimming prematurely, then this could be due to incorrect wattage. To avoid your light bulb form overheating and malfunctioning, make sure you’re using the correct wattage for all your light bulbs.

Test All Your Alarms

Whether your smoke alarms or your carbon monoxide detectors, you should make sure you’re testing them regularly. Both of these things are important safety devices that can actually save a life. When installed and used correctly, and when working properly, they can save us from the dangers of fire and from carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure this is something at the top of your spring cleaning list this year!

Unplug Tools Not In Use

If you’re working on some renovation projects this spring, make sure to unplug any and all tools when you’re done using them. Not only is unplugging them a good idea, but you should also store them in a safe place – especially if you have kids and/or pets.

Schedule Electrical Inspection

Last but certainly not least, scheduling an electrical inspection is a great way to kickstart your spring! A professional electrical inspection can help you catch problems with your electrical system before they become costly and dangerous emergencies. Not only that, but a professional electrical inspection also makes sure all electrical components of your home are in good, working condition. Make sure you’re safe and comfortable all year round with an annual electrical inspection.

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