If you’re staying in to avoid the crowds or weather, we have some great tips for transforming your dull home into a warm, romantic retreat.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, date night, or just a way to treat yourself, there are plenty of ways you can get warm and comfortable without touching the thermostat.

Things like cooking a hot meal, starting a fire, and snuggling under a blanket aren’t just easy, cheap ways to stay warm, they’re also extremely romantic.

5 Romantic Ways to Heat Things Up at Home

1. Cook a Hot Meal

A warm pot of soup or chili heats up your home and your belly. Additionally, the hot, simmering meals introduce much-needed humidity to the dry, winter air. Don’t forget about hot chocolate and other warm drinks!

You can spice things up with… you guessed it, spices. Awaken the senses with these spices that are said to have aphrodisiac qualities as well:


If you are cooking or baking something in the oven, don’t forget to leave the door open after the meal is finished cooking. Although taking advantage of heat that is already there is a great way to add some extra heat to your home, NEVER use the oven to heat your home.

Make sure the oven is off if you leave the door open. Besides the frightening carbon monoxide risks, heating your home with the oven is extremely inefficient and will cost you far more in energy costs than running the HVAC system.

2. Burrow in a Blanket Fort

We all know that preserving body heat is a great way to stay warm, but few adults think of blanket and pillow forts. Valentine’s Day and other winter holidays are a great time to rediscover our childhood passion and creativity. And you’ll stay nice and toasty without having to turn up the heat.

Gather all the warmest and fuzziest blankets and pillows you can and make a little snuggle site. Cuddling in a warm blanket fort is not only romantic, it’s comfortable and relaxing.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean that you can’t tap into that childhood creativity and build an adult version that fits your current tastes. If it’s your first time, learn how how to create a blanket fort from WikiHow.

The inside of your fort should be as comfortable as possible. Think stuffed animals, sheets, pillows, blankets, cushions, and towels. You can also add entertainment like laptops, tablets, small tables, books, and magazines. Keep hard and sharp things out.

Consider adding a sleeping bag or two in your blanket fort. They are better insulated and can give you the impression that you are camping.

3. Heat Up the Living Room

It doesn’t get much better than cuddling up on the couch watching your favorite movie or television show. To crank up the heat, we recommend grabbing your most comfortable blankets, hot cocoa, candles, and lighting the fireplace if you have one.

Dim the lights (if you don’t have dimmers, contact an electrician) and consider adding some candles and string lights. Learn about the 3 layers of indoor lighting.

You want a flame, not a fire. Make sure you follow proper candle safety:

Keep a 1-foot radius around all candles at all times.
Never leave candles unattended.
Only use candles on flat, level surfaces.
Keep candles away from edges and places where they can be knocked or kicked over.
Blow out all candles before you leave the room or go to sleep.
Do NOT put any candles in your blanket fort!

Consider battery-operated candles so you can spend more time relaxing instead of worrying over worst case scenarios.

If you are experiencing any problems with your lights or electrical system, read about common winter electrical problems and how to avoid them.

4. Take a Hot Bath

If you’re one of the lucky ones with large bath, don’t take it for granted. End the romantic evening with a beautiful bubble bath. Fill the tub with hot water and a concoction of your choice (salt, oil, lavender, bubbles, etc.). Lead the way with rose pedals if you want.

The heat, combined with the steam, will create a luscious and steamy atmosphere. If the bath is still warm when you are finished, don’t drain it right away. Take advantage of the heat and steam by allowing it to sit until it releases most of its heat and humidity.

5. Heating Up the Bedroom

You probably have plenty of blankets to keep you warm, but nothing is better than entering an already-warm bed. To do this, simply grab your heating pad, hot water bottle, or microwavable heat pack and place it in between the sheets. Who doesn’t want to climb into a warm and toasty bed?

If you do use an electric heating pad/blanket, follow these safety tips:

Do not use if you notice any damage, such as cracked and frayed cords.
Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not fold them when in use.
Do not leave on while unattended. Do not use while sleeping.

The next time you’re thinking about going out, remember how easy it is to create a romantic evening at home.

Of course, you need all the most important elements in safe, working condition. Contact OnTime Service to find and fix any HVAC, electrical, or plumbing problems you may have.