Spring is a time for fresh starts – so why not clean off the slate by adopting better organizational habits? If you’re looking for ways to organize your time, finances, priorities, and household, you’ve come to the right place! To help you de-clutter your life and budget your time and money, the experts at OnTime Service are here to tell you about 8 apps to get organized and save money in 2019!

Apps to Organize Your Finances

One of the greatest ways to save money is by organizing your finances. When you can develop a reliable system to track the money coming in, going out, and the money you’re saving, budgeting becomes a breeze. With that in mind, here are some 2019 apps that can help you save money by organizing your finances:

1. Wally

First of all, there are some fantastic new apps on the market that can help you track and organize your finances. With Wally, you can have a 360-degree view of your finances. In other words, you can see the money that goes in, the money that you save, and what goes out and where it goes. As a tool to help you see the big picture of your finances, Wally is designed to help you set and accomplish your financial goals.

2. Mint

Another organization app for your finances is Mint, which allows you to view and manage your money and bills in one place. To help you avoid late fees and budget your money, Mint offers alerts and reminders for upcoming bills, as well as alerts when funds are low. Consequently, you can avoid late fees and the hassle of logging in to multiple sites to track and pay all your bills. In addition to helping you stay on top of your bills and money, Mint even alerts you to suspicious spending activity.

3. Mvelopes

Third on our list is a budgeting app called Mvelopes. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Mvelopes uses an envelope budgeting method to help you plan and track your household and personal budgets. By allowing you to connect your financial institutions to the app, Mvelopes facilitates a side-by-side comparison of your bank account and credit card balances with your budget goals. Not only does this app help make budgeting easier for savings but can also help you pay off your debt much more quickly.

Apps to Organize and Lower Your Utility Costs

In addition to organizing your finances, you can save money by tracking your energy consumption. Even with a financial organizing app where all your bills are centrally located, you can miss out on further savings. To help you organize your budgeting and lower your utility bills, here are some apps to explore:

4. Energy Consumption Analyzer

With the Energy Consumption Analyzer app, you can connect your gas, electricity, and water meters to the database to track the readings in one central location. For optimum tracking, you can add comments to remind you of special circumstances that explain any unusual spikes in your energy usage. With the ability to take a reading whenever you want to, you can track your average rate of consumption per hour, day, week, or month with this app. Furthermore, if you provide the average cost per unit, the graphs displayed in this app can represent your energy usage with the money you are spending, rather than the amount of energy you are consuming.

5. Energy Cost Calculator

As an easy-to-use app that can help you track the energy cost of various electronic items, is the Energy Cost Calculator. All it takes is entering an estimated energy use amount per hour, along with the hours per day. Then, the app calculates the cost per day, week, month, and year. In addition to helping you track your energy expenditures, this app also shows you the carbon emission per year from your usage. As a result, you can become more aware of your own carbon footprint.

6. Light Bulb Finder

Empowering users to make energy-efficient choices, Light Bulb Finder can help cut your annual electricity bill by over $120. Furthermore, this app can help you lower your environmental impact by 1,360 lbs. CO2. With inputs of information about your home fixtures and incandescent bulb styles, this app provides instant recommendations for energy-efficient bulbs. Included with the bulb recommendation, this app provides the energy and dollar savings and total reduction in CO2 emissions. For added convenience, you can purchase the recommended energy-saving bulbs through the app, or at local stores. The Light Bulb Finder app is available for free download on iPhone, iPad touch, iPod, and Android.

7. Ohm Connect

What could be better than an app that can help you save and make money? Well, the Ohm Connect app does just that, by helping you save energy at specific times, rewarding you in return. In fact, you can earn $100 – $300 per year if you save energy for 30 minutes or more! Basically, Ohm Connect notifies you whenever spikes in power consumption force fast-acting power plants to turn on. When these plants turn on, they use dirty energy for an overwrought power grid. Unfortunately, these dirty peaker plants cost you more money and generate a higher rate of pollution to the environment.

As a solution, Ohm Connect sends you an #OhmHour notification every time there is an energy usage spike. In response, you can turn off your lights, adjust your thermostat, or turn off your circuit breaker for maximum earnings. As a result, the power grid pays you to use less electricity, rather than paying an expensive power plant. Essentially, your electricity reductions are sold back into the grid and Ohm Connect passes those earnings back to you.

8. Energy Watchdog

Another app that helps you save money by tracking, analyzing, and reporting your utility bills is Energy Watchdog. This app enables you to track the cost of utilities ranging from propane, water, and electric to telephone. Furthermore,  you can establish benchmarks to help you find opportunities to save money. Along with the benchmarks, you’re provided with a forecast of usage, along with where you are wasting energy. For your convenience, you can access these reports anytime and anywhere from mobile devices and PCs.

Go Beyond the Apps…

Even with these apps to get organized and save money, you can accomplish more with the OnTime Service team. As HVAC experts we are dedicated to helping residents like you find the most logical and cost-effective solutions. To discover more money-saving HVAC options, call us today at 251-272-3595 or schedule an appointment on our website!