Jimmie Hale Mission & Jessie’s Place

December 5, 2014

We have been extremely blessed with our business the last couple of years and we are fortunate and honored to be able to help local charities. We give back $10 from every service fee we collect to the charities we decide to support. We decide as a group which charities we support and everyone in our business has a vote. When Tony Cooper with Jimmie Hale Mission came out to tell us about all the work they were doing and how with God’s help it was producing changed lives, we knew instantly that we wanted to help. If you want more information about the work they do check them out at www.jimmiehalemission.com

This is the first of two checks we presented to Tony Cooper.

The second check for Jessie’s Place.

Tony is seated front left with Carol & Kerry Adkins and the rest of the OnTime Service Team.