Your holiday should be nothing but merry and bright. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, the added electricity around your house can create some safety concerns if you’re not careful. By following these important safety tips as it pertains to your Christmas light display, you can avoid a nightmare before Christmas.


1. Inspect The Lights Before Use

Before you start hanging holiday lights, plug them in first and make sure all the bulbs are working. If there are any that are cracked or broken, then you should replace the entire string of lights. Sometimes, you can get away with just replacing the bulbs that are no longer working. However, you want to be careful you’re using bulbs with the same voltage rating as the rest of the bulbs on your string of lights.

2. Use The Correct Extension Cord

Indoor extension cords are for indoor use only, and outdoor extension cords are for outdoor use only. You shouldn’t use indoor extension cords to plug in outdoor lights, and vice versa. The main difference between the two is the type of insulation. Indoor extension cords have thin insulation, which isn’t ideal for outdoor conditions. On the contrary, outdoor extension cords have thicker insulation that helps them withstand tougher weather conditions.

3. Throw Away Damaged Cords

If you’ve pulled out your box of holiday lights and notice some of your cords appear damaged or frayed, you should discontinue use right away. It’s best that you throw them away and invest in new ones. Especially if the live wire is exposed it can be dangerous and leave you vulnerable to electric fires. There’s nothing like that to put the bah-hum-bug in your holiday!

4. Hire A Professional To Hang Lights

Excited to bring Christmas cheer to your home, but dreading the work that goes into it? We don’t blame you, as it can be a tough, stressful job – especially if you have a big home and a lot of lights to take care of! There are professionals who do this for a living though, so you don’t have to. Take OnTime Service for example. We offer Christmas light hanging serves you can count on.


1. Overload Circuits

While you might want a holiday display like the Griswold family… don’t make the same mistake they did! It’s best to divide your Christmas lights among two or more circuits if you think you might be getting close to a circuit overload. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

2. Use Nails, Tacks, or Staples When Hanging Lights

Avoid using nails, tacks, or staples when hanging your Christmas lights. Not only can this damage your roof, but it can also damage your electrical cords. You should plan on using plastic hooks or insulated clip hangers instead.

3. Run Extension Cords Under Carpets or Rugs

An extension cord generates heat when electricity passes through it. Without proper ventilation, an electrical cord can overheat and become a fire hazard. That’s why you should never run extension cords under your carpets or rugs. They need some room to breathe!

4. Leave Lights On When You’re Away

Before you leave for the day or the night, or you go to sleep, make sure you turn off all Christmas lights! Lights have the potential to overheat and can cause a fire, so you never want to leave them on when you’re not around.

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