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  • Air Conditioner Maintenance



  • Air Conditioning Maintenance in Birmingham and Surrounding Cities

    During the winter, your home’s cooling system lies dormant. Before the weather gets too warm, ensure your air conditioner is ready to go – schedule an air conditioner maintenance check with OnTime Service

    You would never think of driving your car thousands of miles without an oil change. Your AC system is similar. It has lots of moving parts that require annual maintenance to keep them working smoothly and lasting for many years.

    Air Conditioning Tune-Up Includes

    • Clean or Replace Filter
    • Check Thermostat Operation
    • Measure Temperature Difference
    • Flush Condensate Drains
    • Lubricate Moving Parts
    • Apply Protective Coating to the A/C Unit
    • Clean Condenser Units
    • Monitor Refrigerant Pressures and Temperatures
    • Clean Condensate Drains, Pans, and Pumps
    • Check System for Refrigerant Leaks
    • Clean Accessible Evaporator Coil

    Want to maximize your savings? Check out the OnTime Service Super Service Club! There are lots of benefits you will like, such as FOUR service calls a year—one for your AC, one for your plumbing system, one for your electrical system, and one for your heating system.  

    Commitment to Top-Notch HVAC Service

    For over 45 years, OnTime Service has provided service to thousands of homes in Alabama. Our HVAC technicians are licensed and background-checked to ensure you will receive excellent customer service and proficient air conditioning maintenance. If an OnTime Service technician smokes, swears, or leaves a mess behind in your home, your service is free!

    To better reflect our commitment to on-time, professional service, we changed our company name to OnTime Service. We back up our commitment with this promise: We show up on time or we pay you $59!

    For air conditioning maintenance that you can trust, call OnTime Service today!