Did you know that you can improve your indoor air quality through proper HVAC maintenance? You don’t need new appliances or extra equipment. With just a few tips and tricks you can better your indoor air quality by taking care of the heating and cooling system already available to you. Keep reading to learn about how you can improve your indoor air quality through effective HVAC maintenance.

1. Change Your Air Filter
Changing your air filter is probably one of the easiest ways you can take care of your HVAC unit. Not only will replacing your air filter reduce your energy bill by up to 15% it will also improve your indoor air quality. Your air filter traps indoor air pollutants and ensures the air in your home is conditioned, clean and does not have excess humidity. A dirty air filter can not only damage your unit, but it can make your indoor air less breathable.

2. Air Duct Cleaning
If you find that your indoor air is unnecessarily dusty or if you frequently notice dust build-up around your vent and register grilles, you might need professional air duct cleaning. Duct cleaning gets rid of any mold, pests and excess build-up in your ducts which might be worsening your indoor air quality. Your duct work transfers air throughout your home—the air you breathe goes through these ducts, so it is important they are clean!

3. Professional Maintenance
Professional maintenance services can ensure your HVAC unit is clean, clear of dirt and debris and has proper air flow. Sometimes HVAC technicians can also perform indoor air quality testing to ensure your indoor air quality is healthy and allergen-free!

4. Clean Your Vents and Registers
Dust buildup is common on your vents and registers and can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. Take some time out every month to vacuum your vents and registers and wipe down the grilles. It might seem unnecessary, but it is an effective way to reduce dust particles in your indoor air.
Other Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Use exhaust fans for proper ventilation—open your windows sometimes for ventilation as well.
Vacuum your home weekly and mop it once or twice a month.
Reduce excess moisture and humidity by inspecting for leaks and keeping generally damp areas like your bathroom and kitchen clean and dry.
Clean your bedsheets every two-weeks to get rid of any dust mites.
Don’t wear your shoes inside your home—people often bring in pollutants, dirt and pesticides via their shoes.

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