‘Tis the season to give thanks! We often forget to give thanks to our plumbing system for taking care of us day in and day out, and keeping things flowing – literally. However, in order for our plumbing systems to continue to take care of us, we need to take care of it. Feast your eyes on these tips to help you avoid as plumbing emergency this Thanksgiving!

1. Don’t Pour Grease, Oil, or Fat Down The Drain
When you’re cleaning up after cooking all day, it may just be easier to toss it all into the sink and let the garbage disposal take care of it. However, grease, oil, and fat will solidify once it cools and this can block your pipes. It’s best to let grease, oil, and fat cool and solidify then put it in the trash can. Other items, such as coffee ground, eggshells, seeds, rice, pasta, bones, and potato peels also don’t belong down the drain.
2. Space Out Showers

Are you planning on hosting guests overnight? Chances are, they will want to be taking showers. Keep in mind the impact this will have on your water heater, and be prepared. Wait about 10-15 minutes between showers to allow hair an adequate amount of time to disperse, and your tank enough time to refill. If you don’t wait, then you could be dealing with clogged pipes and your guests could be dealing with ice cold showers. Both are not ideal!

3. Don’t Put Leftovers In The Sink

We talked about how you shouldn’t pour grease, oil and fat down the drain, but what about Thanksgiving leftovers? Mom’s green bean casserole, Aunt Sue’s candied yams, and your dads famous perfectly roasted turkey don’t belong anywhere but your stomach, your fridge or the trash. To prevent clogging and avoid overwhelming your kitchen plumbing system, throw all leftovers into the garbage or compost pile.

4. Take Care Of Plumbing Issues Before Guests Arrive

Do you have a leak that you’ve put off fixing? Is water backing up in your sink? Does your toilet keep running? Whatever the cause may be, you should plan to take care of any plumbing issues before guests arrive at your home. You want to be confident that your plumbing system can handle the increased holiday traffic. Plumbing issues is the last thing you should have to deal with while trying to enjoy time with your friends and family.

5. Run Your Garbage Disposal Frequently

Before you toss food scraps into your sink, make sure you turn on the garbage disposal and run the water. You run the risk of clogging your drain if you wait until the garbage disposal is full of food waste to turn it on. Once all the food scraps have been ground up, it’s fine to turn off the garbage disposal. However, you should plan to keep the water running for a couple seconds after just to ensure no waste is stuck on the insides of your drains. It gives it a little extra time to make its way through your pipes so you can avoid foul kitchen odors and stubborn clogs.

6. Be Careful About What You Put In Your Toilet

The toilet was designed to handle two things: toilet paper and waste. Anything but those two things shouldn’t be put in your toilet. Whether it be cotton balls, toys, garbage, hair, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products, dispose of these items in the trash can and not your toilet. Otherwise, you could be dealing with clogs and blockages. It’s a good idea to communicate this with all your guests, especially if you have kids joining that may not know proper bathroom etiquette yet.

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