It has finally happened—your HVAC unit has malfunctioned, your AC has broken down, temperatures are running high and you need to figure everything out fast. To prevent panicking and making rash decisions, it’s best to have a plan in place. To help you get started, here is a step-by-step guide by OnTime Service on what to do in the event of an HVAC emergency.

1. First, Determine if It Is an Emergency

Determine if you have an HVAC emergency on your hands. There is a difference between your HVAC unit taking longer to cool or blowing warmer air through its vents than not having any cooling power at all. Has your HVAC unit stopped completely? Has your circuit breaker tripped? Can it be fixed by certain DIY methods like unfreezing the evaporator coil or changing your air filter? Is your unit making odd noises or giving off certain smells? Take all these factors into consideration and decide if it is an HVAC emergency or not. Generally, if you notice odd noises and smells and no cooling whatsoever, you will need to call a professional ASAP.

2. Create A List of Contractors and Companies

Do your research beforehand rather than doing it when the emergency occurs. This will save you a lot of extra time and effort and will ensure you are better prepared to handle the situation. Look up local businesses that offer HVAC emergency services. Take other factors into consideration such as reviews, financing options, discounts, 24/hour services etc. Make a list of these contractors or narrow it down to one or two so you know who to call.

3. Make Sure You Have Other Cooling or Heating Options

If your air conditioner breaks down and you’re waiting for the technician to arrive or repair it, make sure you have other cooling options. Check to see if your fans are working fine and you have good quality curtains and shades to fight off any extra heat or sunlight. If your furnace breaks down, make sure you close any air leaks, have draft stoppers under your doors and some comfortable blankets.

4. Consider Scheduling Consistent Tune Ups in The Future

Consistent maintenance and tune ups can prevent failures and breakdowns in the future. Whether it’s learning how to perform maintenance on your own or looking into detailed HVAC maintenance plans, regular tune ups can save you money and prevent expensive repairs and/or replacements. Ask your technician about the maintenance services they offer.

Any more questions about what you can do in an HVAC emergency? Get in touch with the pros at OnTime Service! Call us today at 205-942-1405 or schedule a service with us on our website! Whether you simply have questions about HVAC services, are looking for HVAC maintenance or need emergency repair, our team of experts will be more than happy to help you out! Don’t neglect your trusted HVAC unit—let our dedicated and skilled technicians assist you.

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