[Infographic] Top 5 Air Conditioning Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

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It’s time you know the truth about your air conditioning. Here are the top 5 air conditioning myths you need to stop believing – right now.

Myth: Turning My Thermostat All The Way Down Will Cool My Home Much Quicker

Busted: Turning your thermostat down all the way won’t cool your home any faster – it will just cool your home at the same rate and waste energy.

Myth: The Bigger The Unit, The Better

Busted: You want to make sure you have the right size AC for your space. Using a unit that’s too big for your home will only move air around – increasing your monthly energy bills.

Myth: Price Should Be The Deciding Factor When Buying A New AC Unit

Busted: You should be considering comfort needs and budget first and foremost. A professional HVAC consultant should be able to find the best AC option that fits both.

Myth: You Should Close Vents In Rooms That Aren’t In Use

Busted: Closing off vents actually throws off the balance of air distribution throughout the home. You’re not saving air by closing off the vents in unused rooms.

Myth: Maintenance Isn’t Important If Your Unit Is Working Fine

Busted: Maintenance is a preventative measure you take to help catch problems early and keep your unit performing at its best. It’s important, even if your unit appears to be working fine.

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