Plumbing FAQ - common plumbing questions answered
There are many plumbing questions that we get asked every day. Although most problems can be overcome with a quick call to the plumber, if you are experiencing any of the following plumbing problems, here are some ways to diagnose and fix your problems DIY-style.


Q: What do I do if my water is way too hot?

A: If you have water that is burning or scalding, you can always change the temperature on the temperature valve located on or near your hot water tank. For some units, you may have to remove the panels that house the temperature dial.

Some dials have temperatures listed for easy setting, however, others don’t. If you don’t have a clear dial, turn back the temperature dial a little bit, then test your faucets, and then return it to temperature setting if needed.

Q: My garbage disposal smells! What do I do?

A: Garbage disposal are wonderful instruments, but we’d rather they get rid of garbage not smell like one. Click here for step-by-step instructions for cleaning and repairing your garbage disposal unit.

For a quick aromatic fix, you can always grind some ice cube and limes (or other citrus wedges) to deodorize and clean your unit. Run it with cold water during the disposal process and keep it on for another 30 seconds. This should mask the smells at least until you can call a plumber.

Q: Help, my toilet is keeping me up all night. How do I stop it from running?

A: If you flush your toilet and continue to hear it minutes after the original flush, it’s time to check the toilet tan to see if it has a leaky valve. First, open the lid to the tank and take a peek inside. Do you see the flapper at the very bottom of the tank? Are bubbles rising up from the opening?

If you can’t simply reposition the flapper to cover the entire hole, you may have to replace the flush valve assembly. This is normally due to an old or dry flapper that needs replacing. You can find replacement flappers at your local home improvement store (or call your local plumber at OnTime Service :)).

Q: What do I do if water is rising up from my shower drain when I run the washing machine or flush the toilet?

A: This could be a serious problem. If you have water rising up in your shower drain, you probably have a problem with your main line. Some probable fixes to this problem are 1. Your septic tank needs to be pumped 2. A main sewer pipe has a rupture OR 3. the main drain line is clogged.

Call your local plumber as soon as you can to diagnose and fix this plumbing problem.

Q: My washing machine takes forever to fill with water?

A: First, you want to check the water inlet valve behind your washing machine. Then, remove the hose and then the screens behind them. Clean all of the components and return them into place.

Q: My home’s plumbing system makes strange noises, like groans and squeals. What do I do?

A: First, you want to run off your main water main, then turn on all of the faucets in your home until they are completely open. Then, turn on your main water main, and finish by turning off each tap. This should fix that weird air cushion sound that is created when there is an abnormal air pressure in your plumbing system. This should get rid of your plumbing problems.

If you find yourself with any more plumbing related questions, do not hesitate to contact one of the plumbing professionals on our OnTime Service team. You can also visit the Plumbing page on our website, to view our services.


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