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    Your Birmingham, AL Professional Leak Detection Services

    For several years, OnTime Service has provided professional leak detection services you can count on. Have you noticed an increase in your water bill lately? A toilet that won’t flush? Low water pressure or a slow drain?

    A plumbing leak that goes unnoticed or unrepaired can lead to high water bills and costly structural damage. Although there are some things you can do to detect a leak yourself, such as checking your water meter or monitoring your water bills, many leaks pass unnoticed and require leak detection service from a professional plumber at OnTime Service.

    Slab leaks, irrigation leaks, water main leaks, sewer leaks, gas leaks, or any leak that is underground can be extremely hard to detect. In some cases, an underground leak will saturate areas around your house, leading to pest problems and property damage. 

    Detecting Leaks

    Regardless of whether you think you have a leak or not, it’s a good idea to regularly inspect your home for water and gas leaks. But don’t let just anyone dismantle your home in an attempt to find a leak.


    Professional leak detection requires technical expertise and the right equipment in order to complete a non-invasive, accurate, and speedy process. Our professional, on-time plumbers have experience with every kind of leak imaginable.

    After locating the leak and pinpointing the cause, we will provide you with the best options for repair.

    We’re Here For All Your Leak Detection Needs

    When you choose OnTime Service, you’re choosing a highly-skilled plumber to detect leaks in your Birmingham, Mobile, or Eastern Shore home. Our background-checked and drug-tested technicians will show up on time – or we pay you $59! We are committed to the people we serve – that’s why we’ll never swear, never smoke, and never leave a mess in your home. If you receive anything less than the very best, we will always make it right.

    Contact us to schedule an appointment with our highly-skilled and thoroughly-trained plumbers at OnTime Service!