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  • Safety Tips



  • Smoke Detectors may NOT go off in Time!!!

    Please take a minute and check out this short video I recently came across from NBC News about smoke detectors. I didn’t realize that standard ionization smoke alarms were so bad at detecting certain types of fires.

    Electric Shock Drownings

    Now that summer is here many of us will be going to our favorite swimming spot to cool off from the hot Alabama summer. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but we all need to be aware of theCONTINUE READING

    Flickering Lights, Power Outages, and Other Electrical Hauntings

    Flickering, crackling, and dimming lights are the stuff of horror movies and normally signal danger, whether supernatural or electrical. Everybody knows that spirits from the Upside Down and other dimensions communicate with us through electrical circuits. But, before you assume aCONTINUE READING

    Why You Need a Fall Furnace Tune-Up Now

    There are many reasons why you need to schedule a professional furnace tune-up before winter hits, including safety, efficiency, and financial reasons. Scheduling a professional furnace tune-up means getting a trained technician who will take a look at your completeCONTINUE READING

    Storm, Hurricane, and Flooding Preparation for Summer

    Summer is synonymous with hot weather, relaxing vacations, and splish-splash fun. But don’t let all the sunny days fool you. Unfortunately, summer is also the time of year when the worst storms and hurricanes occur. Atlantic hurricane season occurs fromCONTINUE READING

    Electric Shock Drowning – Be Prepared

    Summer is the time of year when people go swimming. The waters are cool, calming, and full of diverse marine life. Unfortunately, the fun can turn fatal. There may be an invisible danger lurking underneath. Known as the “silent killer,”CONTINUE READING