Satisfaction Guaranteed

Protect Yourself with a Satisfaction Guarantee!


Look for a contractor that will provide a satisfaction guarantee. This will help to ensure the job will be done the way you want. Even when the contractor is professional, understands all the safety codes and provides a warranty you will be disappointed if the job is not done neatly and to your standards. It can be very frustrating to be left with a huge mess, damage to your home, or poor workmanship. Many repairs or installations can be technically correct and pass an inspection but have a shoddy appearance. Your home is one of your largest investments, don’t let sloppy or careless technicians diminish the value of your investment. By getting a satisfaction guarantee up front you will be assured that everything will be done according to your standards, this puts the responsibility on the technician to make sure you are satisfied.

A contractor that provides a satisfaction guarantee will perform all of his work to the highest standards and take great care of your home throughout the process. When he knows that he won’t get paid unless and until you are happy don’t you think he will be motivated to do a great job?

  1. The Technician
  2. Payment Upfront
  3. Licenses & Insurances
  4. Guaranteed Price
  5. Warranty
  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed