With the heat of the summer season having graced us, have you by any chance been wondering whether you should use your air conditioner and ceiling fan together? Well, the pros at OnTime Service might have an answer for you!

How a Ceiling Fan and Air Conditioner Provide Cooling

Before we get to answering your questions, it’s important to know the differences and the details. Your ceiling fan provides cooling a little differently from your air conditioner. While your air conditioner cools rooms by absorbing the heat from the indoor air, your ceiling fan cools the occupants of said room. It creates a wind-chill effect which cools YOU down instead of changing the temperature in your home.
Why are we telling you this? Well, it’s important to know that while your fan and AC provide cooling in different ways, they are best used together. They are not an alternative to each other, rather they accompany each other to ensure maximum indoor comfort.

So, to answer your question: Yes, you can use your air conditioner and fan together—in fact, you most definitely should!

Benefits of Using Your AC and Fan Together

1.Reduction in Energy Costs

The most obvious benefit of using your ceiling fan and air conditioner together is the energy-efficiency. According to the Department of Energy, you can reduce your cooling costs by 10% by turning up your thermostat by 7-10 degrees from its usual setting for 8 hours a day. So, keep your air conditioner on at a higher but still comfortable setting and use your ceiling fans for any additional cooling. This way, your heating and cooling bills will have a lesser burden while you get proper cooling and comfort.

2. You Get a Cool Breeze

Your air conditioner provides cooling and reduces humidity and your ceiling fans create a nice breeze. This combination is a great way to beat the summer heat and humidity and increase indoor comfort.

3. It’s Better for Your AC

It’s important that your air conditioner isn’t trying to get an unreasonably low temperature setting as it will end up running constantly. This will force your unit to run overtime without providing proper cooling. By using a fan and turning your thermostat a few degrees higher, you can ease the burden on your air conditioner and see an improvement in its performance. Better AC performance = better indoor air quality, lower energy bills, lesser chance of malfunctioning.

Have Any More Questions About Cooling? The Pros at OnTime Service Are Here to Help!

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