Garbage disposals are designed to shred food and other waste, keeping your pipes clean and your garbage free of smells. Needless to say, your garbage disposal is a key component to the kitchen, so it can really become an inconvenience if it were to break down or become clogged and unusable. Here are the top 4 signs it may be time to repair your garbage disposal.

1. Strange or Unusual Sounds

While most garbage disposals make noise when turned on, it’s often not hard to know when the sound is unusual. If you shine a flashlight down there and notice a clog or an item stuck, then turn off your disposal and see if you can safely remove it. If it’s not able to be safely removed, or you still hear strange noises after you’ve grabbed the item causing the issue, then it may be time to schedule a repair with your local plumber.

2. Bad Smells

You’ve probably heard this a time or two, but your kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places of your house. When it comes to your garbage disposal, it’s normal to smell odors after running it. However, if the odor persists no matter how clean your sink and drains are, then you could have a bigger problem on your hands. This will require the expertise of a professional plumber who will be able to inspect and repair your garbage disposal as needed.

3. Constant Resets

All garbage disposals have a reset button that you, as a homeowner, may press every once in a blue moon. However, if you’re having to constantly hit the reset button, then that’s not a good sign. Oftentimes, this is an indication of faulty wiring. While sometimes this is an easy fix, it may also require full replacement. To be sure, you should contact a plumber to inspect your garbage disposal and provide you with options and solutions for repair or replacement.

4. It Won’t Turn On

When your garbage disposal just simply doesn’t turn on, then you know you have a problem. You can try a few different at-home testing methods to see if you can get it to turn on. For example, pressing the rest button or checking the circuit breaker in your electrical panel. If hitting the reset button doesn’t do the trick, and troubleshooting your circuit breaker doesn’t either, then contact a plumber to inspect your garbage disposal.

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