Many homeowners around the country misunderstand several areas regarding their air conditioning equipment. Misinformation is everywhere – and myths circle the internet all the time. It’s time you know the truth. Here is a list of the top 5 air conditioning myths you should stop believing – right now.

Myth: Turning My Thermostat All The Way Down Will Cool My Home Much Quicker

Busted: When you walk into your home in the middle of a hot, summer day, your main goal is to try and make your home as cool as possible – as quick as possible. However, contrary to popular belief, turning your thermostat down all the way won’t cool your home any quicker. In fact, it will cool your home at the same rate and waste energy.

Myth: The Bigger The Unit, The Better

Busted: A bigger AC unit doesn’t mean your home will be cooler. You want to make sure you have the appropriate size air conditioner for your space. Using a unit that’s too big for your home will only move air around as if you had a bigger space – even though you don’t. Not only does this consume more energy to produce the exact same results, but it also increases your monthly energy bills.

Myth: Price Should Be The Deciding Factor When Buying A New AC Unit

Busted: Cheap isn’t always best, and price shouldn’t determine the unit you purchase. In fact, you should be considering your specific comfort needs and budget first and foremost. A professional HVAC consultant should be able to shed light on the best AC options for you that will not only meet your budget needs, but also your comfort needs.

Myth: You Should Close Vents In Rooms That Aren’t In Use

Busted: If you have rooms that you rarely step foot in, your first instinct may be to close the vents in those rooms. A lot of homeowners believe that this saves energy when in fact, it doesn’t. Closing off vents actually throws off the balance of air distribution throughout your home. This does nothing more than just cooling the inside of your air ducts. By closing off the vents in unused rooms, you’re not wasting cold air.

Myth: Maintenance Isn’t Important If Your Unit Is Working Fine

Busted: You’ve heard the saying: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. However, that saying doesn’t apply to your AC maintenance. Preventative maintenance is important to help catch problems early and keep your unit performing at its peak. If you don’t regularly maintain your equipment, you could be looking at potential costly repairs and premature replacement.

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