Drip, drip, drip. This sound could get annoying after a while. If your sink or faucet aren’t working as they should be, then you shouldn’t hesitate having your sink or faucet repaired right away. Here are the top 9 signs to look for.

1. Leaks

Leaks can lead to high water bills and be a huge water waster. A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drop per second can waste over 3,000 gallons of water per year, according to the EPA. Not only that, but they can also cause water damage if not addressed right away. Even if the leak appears small, you should never delay having it repaired. 

2. Improperly Installed Parts

Did you recently move into your house and notice something is off with your faucet? Did you install the sink yourself? An improperly installed sink or faucet can cause a host of problems, such as leaks, water damage, and more. Make sure to have it re-installed and repaired by a professional right away. 

3. Squeaking Handle

Not only can a squeaky handle be frustrating to listen to, but it can also be a sign that your sink or faucet needs to be repaired. Usually, a handle squeaks as a result of interior parts that have worn out. 

4. Abnormal Water Pressure

If you’ve recently turned on your faucet and notice that the water pressure is abnormally low all of a sudden, it’s likely due to a clogged cartridge or aerator. In order to remove the clogs, your faucet will have to be repaired and cleaned. 

5. Foul-Smelling or Discolored Water

Water should be clear, and it shouldn’t have an odor. If it’s foul-smelling or discolored, then you know there is a problem. The foul smells could be a result of bacteria growing in your water heater or drains. The discoloration could be due to a rusty pipe. A plumber will be able to help you get to the bottom of the issue, though. 

6. Worn-Out, Faulty, or Outdated Parts

Does your faucet or sink have any worn-out, faulty, or outdated parts? You might be dealing with corrosion, damaged washers or O-rings, normal wear and tear from old age, or something else. Whatever the issue may be, your sink or faucet needs to be repaired right away. 

7. Unexplained Increase In Water Bills

Water bills can increase for a number of reasons, and it doesn’t always mean there’s a direct issue with your sink or faucet. However, it’s still something worth looking into. Plumbing leaks are one of the most common causes of unexplained increases in water bills. If you think you may have a leaky faucet, don’t delay a repair. 

8. Dysfunctional Valve

If your faucet leaks from the spout, then it could mean you have sediment build-up or corrosion around the valve seat. Before the problem worsens, have it repaired. 

9. Rusting or Corrosion 

Corrosion is likely due to improper cleaning or oxidation, whereas rusting is likely due to iron bacteria or particles in your water. Both rusting and corrosion are never good signs. You should have your faucets and sinks deep cleaned and repaired right away to prevent further issues, such as clogs, leaks, or water line breaks. 

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