Vestavia Electrical Services

Got a problem with your lights? Do you need a surge protector installed? Maybe your circuit breaker just keeps tripping too much, and you don’t know how to make it stop. No matter what electrical problem you run into, give OnTime Services a call for the best and most reliable service in Vestavia! Don’t let a frayed wire ruin your day, let us handle it and watch the problem go away!

Some electrical services we provide include:

  • Home Electrical Systems Repair
  • Emergency Storm Damage Repair
  • Outlet and Switch Installation
  • Lighting Services
  • Cable Jack Installation
  • Electrical Service Upgrade
  • Fuse Box Replacement
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Home Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Panel Upgrade
  • Standby Generator Setup
  • Whole-Home Surge Protection
  • Wiring and Re-wiring
  • Troubleshooting

Vestavia Electrical Services

Vestavia Electrical Repair

Whenever something electronic goes out, it can throw a wrench into how you go about literally everything you do. Technology is so intertwined with how we function nowadays that if even one thing breaks, you’ve got to rethink and re-strategize a lot. If an appliance malfunctions, or if your lights don’t want to come on, or anything in-between, OnTime Services has you covered!

Vestavia Electrical Installation

Sometimes, the hardest part of a brand-new electronic is just figuring out how to install it properly. Depending on what it is, the complicated nature of connecting and linking it up to an electrical grid can be very challenging. Instead of getting frustrated and getting nowhere – especially with something that can be as dangerous as electricity – give OnTime Services a call and let our experienced electricians handle any installation you need.

Vestavia Electrical Maintenance

If things as delicate as electrical components go too long without inspection and maintenance, problems can arise that you might not even be totally aware of until it becomes dangerous. Let OnTime Services’ professional technicians routinely check your electrical grid for any issues, and they’ll be able to spot them before they grow into hazards. Sleep easy knowing you and your family are safe and sound – so  and give us a call!

To schedule an appointment with OnTime Services, call the number at the top of the screen. One of our friendly representatives will hear your concerns and dispatch an electrician out to your home right away.