During the colder months, your furnace is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. However, like all appliances, your furnace might cause some problems, such as blowing cold air. If you don’t know what it means if your furnace is blowing cold air, don’t worry because the pros at OnTime Service are here to help. In this guide, we tell you why your furnace might be blowing cold air and how you can fix it in order to make your home warm again!

1. Thermostat Setting

Before you panic and schedule an expensive emergency repair service, be sure to look at your thermostat setting. If it is on the FAN setting, make sure to change it to AUTO—the fan setting causes your unit to continue blowing air into your home, even when heating isn’t taking place. In addition, make sure your thermostat is on HEAT. It might seem like a silly thing to check, but these kinds of mistakes are common.

2. Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter can cause many problems—it can increase your furnace’s energy consumption, reduce the efficiency of its heat exchanger and, of course, cause your furnace to blow cold air. To fix this problem, simply replace your air filter. It is one of the easiest ways you can maintain your HVAC unit by yourself. Not only is it good for your unit’s performance, it can also reduce your furnace’s energy consumption by 5 to 15%. Remember to consistently change your air filter—ideally once or twice every month.

3. Overheated Furnace

If your furnace overheats, this might also be a result of a clogged air filter. Low air flow can cause your furnace to overheat, which can lead to the furnace automatically shutting down or blowing air that isn’t warm enough. Your furnace can also overheat because of other components that might have become dirty such as your heat exchanger. Make sure the important parts of your furnace are clean and aren’t causing any blockages. Then, restart your furnace and see if it works.

4. Pilot Light Goes Out

Some older gas furnaces have a pilot light which ignites the gas for the burner. This light is permanently lit, but if you run out of propane, it might go out. To turn it back on you can follow the instructions on your furnace manual. However, if this happens often, contact an HVAC technician you trust to diagnose the underlying problem.

Troubleshoot A Furnace Blowing Cold Air with OnTime Service

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