With the colder months approaching quickly, it’s important you get your furnace prepared to keep you warm. One of the first things you should do is replace your furnace filter before winter knocks on your door. Here are some of OnTime’s reasons why it is so important for your HVAC unit to consistently have a clean filter.
Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace Filter Before Winter

It Reduces Energy Consumption

A clogged filter can overburden your furnace and force it to work harder than it needs to, leading to an increase in your unit’s energy consumption. A clean filter on the other hand can reduce your heating costs by 5 to 15%! You can save a lot on your energy bill by simply plugging in a new filter.

It Improves Indoor Air Quality

When dust, dirt and dander are routinely clogging up your filter, you will notice a negative impact on your indoor air quality. A clogged air filter will lose its filtering capabilities and a lot of allergens will still linger in your indoor air. A clean filter can prevent allergies and reduce the pollutants in your home.

It Worsens Your Furnace’s Performance

When your clogged filter cannot protect your furnace from dirt and dander, pollutants will coat the many important components of your unit. This can worsen your furnace’s performance in the long run and lead to major issues later. A clean filter can make a significant difference in your furnace’s performance and can keep you warm throughout the season.
Other Important Furnace Maintenance Tasks
There are many other ways you can get your furnace prepared for the winter, though replacing your filter is a very important one.

Seal Up Your Home

Make sure you check for air leaks in your home, especially around your doors and windows. Make sure the caulking and weatherstripping is intact. If not, you can add caulking where there are gaps and get new weatherstripping material from your nearest home improvement store. Air leaks can keep you from staying warm during the winter.

Cover Up Your Outdoor Unit

If you have a heat pump, you will need your outdoor unit during the winter. If that is the case, make sure you clean your outdoor condenser by carefully wiping away any dirt on its exterior. You can also use coil cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. Make sure you trim any vegetation around the outdoor condenser and maintain a clearance of 2 ft around the unit. If you have a standard central HVAC, you will most likely not need your outdoor unit. Cover it up using a large lid and secure it with flexible bungee cords to protect it from icicles and other dangerous objects.

Schedule Maintenance

Professional maintenance can pinpoint problems and schedule repairs earlier on. Regular professional maintenance can protect your HVAC unit from major issues from the get-go.
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