There’s no need to worry about winter electrical problems if you know what to look for, what to check, and what to replace. OnTime Service is here to help you this winter, and all year long. Read on to learn how to identify and conquer the top winter electrical problems, now and in the future.

Winter Electrical Hazards

Two culprits of winter electrical hazards are space heaters and electrical blankets.

Space Heaters

During the winter, people won’t just use their HVAC system, they’ll often plug in the extra toasty comfort of a portable space heater as well. Although effective, it’s a personal heat machine that should never be left unattended.

Keep it away from flammable materials and from children. They are much safer if you plug them directly into the wall socket. Do not use an extension cord. This practice reduces the risk for a short circuit.

If you continually find that you do not have enough outlets for your appliances, it is not recommended that you buy more extension cords. An OnTime Service electrician can install more electrical fixtures into your home. This is a more permanent and safe solution.

For more information on space heater safety, check out our video below:

Electric Blankets

These are awesome during the winter. Old, worn out electrical blankets, however, pose the threat of fire or electrocution. If the blanket has frayed edges, it’s time for a new one.

Winter Electrical Inspection

Come winter, we’re plugging in more appliances than usual. That extra space heater and new Christmas gadgets are potentially overloading an already outdated system. Your system is considered outdated, or at-risk, if it is more than a decade old.

Think of how many new appliances have been produced and added to homes just in the past ten years. Most home electrical systems are not advanced enough to keep up, and we see more issues popping up in the winter.

An electrical inspection from OnTime Service is a simple, yet effective way to ensure the safety and functionality of your system before the coldest days of winter hit. These dry, cold days, when your electrical system is working the hardest, could be the time it short circuits, or worse, causes an electrical fire.

Avoid electrical system overload with a winter safety check-up and electrical inspection.

Winter Electrical Bill

Your winter electrical bill is being included on this list of winter electrical problems because it can get really out of control and cause a lot of issues for families on a budget. There are several things you can do to contain your electricity bills this winter.

For starters, keep your thermostat at 68-degrees. I know what you’re thinking, you can’t be comfortable unless your home is at least 72-degrees. But think about this, according to Consumer Energy Center, every degree you’re willing to lower your heat within the 60-70-degree range will save 5% on heating costs. Thank goodness for all those sweaters we got as Christmas presents!

Secondly, proper insulation of your home will greatly reduce air leaks. If the hot air from your furnace is contained, you’ll be getting the most heat for your bucks. Ask OnTime Service how we can help you properly insulate your home for the winter.

Lastly, professional and regular HVAC maintenance ensures and even increases the efficiency of your system. This saves money in the long term and keeps the heat on all winter long. 

This winter will be ideal for your comfort and your wallet if you follow these three main categories — be on the lookout for electrical hazards such as electrical blankets and space heaters that are past its prime, always call a professional to check out your HVAC system before the winter season’s cruel weather takes its toll, and finally, keep your electrical bill in check by having your home properly insulated and turning your thermostat down to a steady 68-degrees.

Watch our Electrical Safety Tips for more information


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