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  • Save on Heating Costs

  • Gas Stove Debate

  • Protecting Your Home’s Air Quality from the Moody Landfill Fire

  • Preventing Busted Pipes – WBRC Fox 6 News Interview

  • Prepare your home for winter now and check your furnace!

  • Owner, Kerry Adkins, discusses why you should be preparing your HVAC unit for the colder weather now

  • Owner, Kerry Adkins, meets with WBRC FOX6 News about the importance of regular AC maintenance

  • Owner, Kerry Adkins, discusses how to stay cool during the heat wave


    OnTime Service worked around the clock providing A/C repair during the heat wave

  • OnTime Is Hiring!

    Our company has become one of the largest and fastest-growing home service companies in Alabama since we opened our doors in 1975. We are always looking to hire plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians, and administrative staff to join our team! When you join us at OnTime Service, you’re more than just an employee – you’re family! Apply today!

  • Covid-19 Message

    Service technicians checked for coronavirus, taking extra precautions

  • Safety Inspection

    Avoid House Fires with Extension Cord Safety Tips

  • Get your pipes ready for really cold weather

    Get your pipes ready for really cold weather

  • how keep your house cool ac working dangerous heat

    Making sure your A/C keeps running

  • is your air conditioning unit working correctly

    Is your air conditioning unit working correctly?

  • AEDs added to service trucks

    AEDs added to service trucks

  • how keep your ac working this heat

    How to keep your AC working in this heat

  • recruit new employees

    What companies are doing to recruit new employees

  • Riverchase Career Connection Center – OnTime Service

  • Now Hiring: Plumbers and Electricians – WBRC

  • Central Alabama Business Break – OnTime Service

Make A Wish

  • Make A Wish

    This year, the team at OnTime Service participated in the Make A Wish foundation by helping to set up an outdoor pool for a child in our community. We were honored and humbled by the opportunity to give back and make a difference in another family’s life!

Home Service TV- Season 2

  • Season 02 Ep 06: Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

    Looking for an upgrade to increase your hot water supply? Home services expert Kerry Adkins is here to tell you all about the benefits of a tankless water heater!

  • Season 02 Ep 05: Common Causes of a Leaky Faucet

    It’s a common plumbing problem, but the cause may surprise you. Home services expert Kerry Adkins is here with some professional insight into your leaky faucet!

  • Season 02 Ep 04: Flat Screen TV Installation Tips

    Brand new flat screen TV? Home services expert Kerry Adkins is here with some expert tips to help you install your new flat screen like a pro!

  • Season 02 Ep 03: Smart Home Technology

    With today’s home’s getting smarter, there are many upgrades you can make to save energy and money. Here to weigh in is home services expert Kerry Adkins, with some insight into the latest in smart home technology!

  • Season 02 Ep 02: Improve Indoor Air Quality to Fight Allergies

    Allergy season is upon us and home services expert Kerry Adkins has some pro tips to help you breathe easier in your home! This video highlights some HVAC maintenance tasks you can perform to fight indoor allergies and improve the quality of your home air, year-round.

  • Season 02 Ep 01: Keep HVAC Running Smoothly in Every Season

    It keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, As your home’s workhorse, it is important to make sure your HVAC system is working effectively throughout every season. This video will highlight some important tips you should know regarding your home’s HVAC system!

Home Service TV- Season 1

  • Season 01 Ep 05: Common Plumbing Problems

    Learn how to prevent these common plumbing problems in our newest episode of Home Services TV.

  • Season 01 Ep 04: The Most Expensive Appliance in your Home

    We’re talking about the most expensive appliance in the home on this new episode of Home Service TV!

  • Season 01 Ep 03: When to Recognize the need for Duct Cleaning

    Does your home’s duct work need to be cleaned? Learn more in our newest episode!

  • Season 01 Ep 02: All to Know about Breaker Panels

    Learn more about your breaker panels in this new episode of Home Services TV.

  • Season 01 Ep 01: Importance of Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Make sure you’re keeping up with your home’s AC and heating maintenance with OnTime Service. We stress the importance of HVAC upkeep in our first episode of Home Services TV!

Messages from Kerry, Owner

  • The Benefits of Whole House Generators

    Never be left in the dark again with a whole house generator from OnTime Service!

  • We’re Not Perfect

    Even though we have some of the best technicians in the industry, they’re only human – and we know mistakes still can happen. In this message from the owner of OnTime Service, Kerry Adkins, he talks about all the things we’ll do right if something doesn’t go as planned during your appointment.

  • We Could Never Ask For More Than Your Trust

    Kerry Adkins, the owner of OnTime Service, wants you to know when you choose his company for home services – you’re receiving the best service possible. Our goal is to earn your trust – and we could never ask for more than that.

  • Thank You For The Opportunity To Earn Your Trust

    The owner of OnTime Service, Kerry Adkins, walks you through all the reasons you can trust our on-time, professional service from start to finish.

  • Thank You For The Opportunity To Earn Your Trust

    Since we opened our doors in 1975, we’ve served thousands of satisfied customers in the Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. If you’re not sure you’ll be receiving the best possible service from OnTime, read our public reviews from previous customers!

  • Building Trust One Homeowner At A Time

    With so much distrust in the country right now, Kerry Adkins, the owner of OnTime Service, wants you to know that what you can trust is great service from our team.

  • Recognizing Our Veterans – OnTime Service

  • Election Day – OnTime Service

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with OnTime Service

  • Always Ready in Case We Can Help

  • The Courtesy, Honesty, and Respect Challenge

  • 10,000 Opportunities

  • Thank You for Allowing Us to Serve You

  • How to Find Peace When Life is Broken

  • The Courtesy, Honesty and Respect Challenge

    Let’s change 2020. Are you up for the challenge?

  • OnTime Service is Committed to the People We Serve

    At OnTime Service, our mission is about more than just serving your home; we also hope to inspire and encourage the people we serve in the process.

  • How OnTime Service is Taking Safety Precautions

    At OnTime Service, the safety of our customers and team is our top priority. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure you’re safe.

  • No Financial Burden for Our Customers During COVID-19 Pandemic

    The pandemic has created financial hardships for many homeowners. OnTime Service offers to fix your problem today, even if you can’t pay for it today. Call us to find out more.

  • Staying Hopeful Together During This Pandemic

    This pandemic has brought many worries and uncertainties into the lives of many. At OnTime Service, we want to stay positive and spread hope for the future.

  • What Steps are We Taking to Keep Our Customers Safe?

    Our top priority is the safety of our customers and our team. Here’s what OnTime Service is doing to ensure your safety.

  • A message from OnTime Service owner Kerry Adkins

    The team at OnTime Service is going above and beyond to serve their customers during the time of the Coronavirus, and to help stop the spread of illness within their community.

  • A message from OnTime Service Owner Kerry Adkins in regards to the Coronavirus.

    OnTime Service is all about keeping your home safe. We were doing that years before anyone had heard of the Coronavirus, and we will be doing it once the Coronavirus threat has ended. Here are steps we are taking to limit exposure to the virus for you, your family, our team and their families.