You’ve likely heard many of these myths overtime, as you search the internet for plumbing hacks to help you save time and money. However, it’s time to set the record straight because it’s time to you know the truth. Here are common plumbing myths you should stop believing right now.

1. Myth: Garbage Disposals Have Blades You Can Sharpen

Have you ever heard that you can put ice down the garbage disposal to sharpen the blades? This is false, because garbage disposals actually don’t have blades – they have impellers. These impellers move at high speeds in order to grind up food waste.

2. Myth: Putting A Brick In the Tank Of The Toilet Will Save You Money

Putting a brick in the tank of your toilet will not save you money. In fact, it can keep your toilet from flushing correctly. Not only that, but it can also tend to crumble and could even cause damage to your toilet. All that being said, you want to refrain from putting any bricks in your tank.

3. Myth: You Can Flush Cat Litter

Many people are under the impression that they can flush cat litter. While many types of cat litter are flushable, the waste found inside the litter box is not. It’s common to find toxic parasites in cat waste which can be harmful to people – especially pregnant women. It’s better to be safe and toss the litter in the garbage can and not your toilet.

4. Myth: Chemical Drain Cleaners Are The Best Way To Clean Your Drains

Not so fast. This one is actually a big drain-NO! Chemicals aren’t only bad for your health and the environment, but they’re also bad for your drains – and can actually make the clog worse. Not only that, but the chemicals found in drain cleaners can actually eat away at your pipes, even if they’re made of tough material. It’s a much better, safer, and cost effective idea to go with a professional drain cleaner.

5. Myth: Hot Water Melts Grease To Prevent Clogs

While grease may be a liquid, it’s not safe to put down your drain – period. Once the grease hits your pipes, it cools, solidifies, and eventually builds up – even if you use hot water while pouring it. It’s a much better idea to dump the grease instead of pouring it down the drain.

6. Myth: A Wire Hanger Is A Good Substitute For A Plumbing Snake

A plumbing snake is designed specifically to clear pipe blockages. Using a wire hanger in its place can actually cause damage to the pipe from the inside, which can lead to additional build-up. Instead of turning to DIY methods, contact a plumber to help with all your drain clogs.

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